Jason Warley, Matt Ciarrochi, and READ DeSabato have over twenty years party experience.

Jason Warley, Matt Ciarrochi, and READ DeSabato have over twenty years party experience.


My Best Birthday was originally founded in 1995 as Bob's Best Birthdays by Bob Fowell. Bob Fowell was a P.E. teacher at Friends' Central School for over two decades. My Best Birthday hopes to continue Bob's wonderful legacy of providing fun and fair play for every child while expanding to provide entertainment, fun, and play for people of all ages.

Our Philosophy and Mission Statement:

We strive to entertain and celebrate people of all ages through sincere, creative, and fun methods. We make each guest feel special, while generating an environment of fun and fair play for all party participants.

We respect differences by being flexible, understanding, and sensitive towards all. We put forth guidelines to ensure organization, fun, and safety.

We work to be the best we can be for the success of the party. We will always provide a service for the community which encompasses positive experiences for all involved.

The Party Hosts:

Jason Warley
Jason has over 25 years of experience working with children. He graduated from St. Joseph's University where he played basketball. He has been a full time pre-kindergarten teacher at Friends' Central School for the past 25 years. He also works at the Friends' Central Trailblazer camp as the head Sports & Games counselor. He was a basketball coach at Friends' Central for 10 years. Jason began hosting parties with Bob's Best Birthdays and has 24 years of party hosting experience. Jason is an energetic and fun loving individual who is incredible with kids. 

Matt Ciarrochi
Matt has been working extensively with children for over thirteen years.  In 2004, he began as a CIT, and is now the head of the Archery program at Friends' Central's Trailblazer Camp.  In addition, he served as an Orientation Leader at Arcadia University from 2012-2014. He is a Social Studies teacher at String Theory Arts & Sciences located in the Frankford section of Philadelphia.  

READ DeSabato
READ has worked with kids for the past 20 years. Beginning as a CIT, READ spent 16 years working at Friends' Central Trailblazer camp, including running the archery program for 7 years. He is an archer himself and has 25 years of archery experience. READ is also an accomplished DJ and has provided music and entertainment at block parties, birthday parties, themed parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, and weddings.

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